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Drug Addiction Counseling and Behavioral Health Services - Brighton, MA

Facility Center

The Addiction Treatment Center of New England provides in-depth drug addiction counseling at our out patient rehab center in Brighton, MA. We strive to help our clients struggling with opiate or other drug addictions in the Greater Boston area. Our Brighton, MA clinic's methadone detoxification treatments are an effective treatment for narcotic dependence. The administration of methadone helps clients cease illicit narcotic use and begin the process of recovery and abstinence from all drug use. However, outpatient methadone detoxification is not always sufficient to achieve this goal. It is the responsibility of ATCNE staff to determine which clients can benefit from our outpatient methadone program. The policies described in this website are designed by the administrative, medical, nursing, and clinical staffs to help clients realize these and other treatment goals.

Behavioral Health Services - Changing Your Bad Habits

Our rehab center also provides behavioral health services to help clients who have problems with drugs, but are not in need of methadone detoxification or maintenance at ATCNE. This can include individuals who are receiving medication-assisted therapy for substance abuse from other providers. Individual and group therapy sessions are required at a rate determined by ATCNE staff in accordance with any outside providers. Medical care, social service referrals, couples and/or family therapy are also available to these clients.

What Our Drug Addiction Programs and Services Include

Vivitrol (Naltrexone)— The Addiction Treatment Center (ATCNE) is now offering Vivitrol (Naltrexone) for treatment of opioid dependency. Vivitrol is an extended release Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) which has been proven to be an effective treatment for opioid addiction. The active ingredient in Vivitrol, naltrexone, works as a “blocker." It attaches to certain opioid receptors in the brain and blocks the pleasurable feelings associated with taking opioidsa helping a person get ready for recovery. ATCNE will offer individual and family counseling in combination with the medication When working to overcome an addiction to opioids, individual therapy sessions can be an extremely beneficial aspect of treatment. During these times, program participants are afforded the opportunity to meet in a confidential one-on-one setting with a therapist.

This medication has no withdrawal symptoms when it is no longer needed, is covered by many prescription plans and is very well tolerated with minimal side effects. This medication allows patients to take effective medication monthly as opposed to the daily medications for opioid treatment and opens the opportunity for more change with counseling.

Our staff is available to discuss this treatment option with you to determine if this is appropriate. We will also offer education on how Vivitrol works and its impact on other medication.  ATCNE is committed to MAT education and staff is available  to insure the effectiveness of treatment which will be explained to each individual.

Treatment of opioid dependence is a priority of ATCNE and our highly trained professional staff are here to help. If you would like to learn more about this medication or would be interested in becoming a client at ATCNE, please contact our intake coordinator at 617-254-1271 ext. 119.

Methadone Detoxification  Our medical director prescribes an initial stabilizing dose of methadone which is decreased over 180 days to gradually reduce the clients’ physiology need for opiates. A client’s addiction history, physical condition and other related factors determine the length of time needed to complete detoxification. Weekly individual and group therapy is required.

Methadone Maintenance  For clients that require long-term methadone treatment, our Medical Director prescribes an initial dose of methadone which is increased to a level where the client feels stable. Weekly individual and group therapy is required.

Behavioral Heath CounselingIndividual, group and/or family therapy is available to all clients, even those that are not enrolled in methadone detoxification or methadone maintenance. Drug-free counseling is encouraged as a form of aftercare for clients who have successfully completed the methadone detoxification program.

Group Therapy  Group therapy is offered on days, nights and weekends. Topics include relapse prevention, chronic use, cognitive behavioral therapy, dual diagnosis, health and nutrition, life skills, coping skills, parenting and spirituality. Groups specific to young people in recovery and clients who are titrating off methadone are also offered.

Medical Care  By accepting admission to ATCNE, each client commits to obtaining necessary medical care as determined by our medical staff. This is to ensure the safety of our clients while they are undergoing methadone detoxification or methadone maintenance.

HIV and Hepatitis C Testing  Referrals to confidential, voluntary testing, as well as pre-test and post-test counseling, is available.

Case Management  Available to all clients, these services may include referrals for benefit programs, vocational training, job placement, housing, legal services, child care, psychiatric services, self-help programs, HIV services, medical and dental care, detoxification and alternative substance abuse programs.

Orientation & Health Education Groups  ATCNE requires that all new clients complete a 3-session orientation/education group. Orientation groups provide clients with information on clinic policies as well as education on infectious disease, tobacco education and methadone treatment.

Service Delivery Staff— Decisions about qualifications to deliver services are made by the ATCNE administrative staff.