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Addiction Treatment Center of New England
The Addiction Treatment Center of New England, Inc. (ATCNE) is a clinically operated drug treatment program, designed to provide a safe and therapeutic environment for clients to gain control over their drug problems and learn alternatives to their addictive behavior. ATCNE specializes in the treatment of opiate dependency, adhering to a philosophy that methadone services are an effective treatment for narcotic dependence.

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Upon admission to the ATCNE program, an individual receives a thorough physical examination by the ATCNE medical staff both to assess general health status and to determine the treatment protocol best suited to the individual's rehabilitative needs. Typically, protocol choices include the following...

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COA Re-Accreditation Underway
Site visit is scheduled for March 24-26th, 2013. Renewal date is September of 2013

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Council on Accreditation
This means we have met rigorous, internationally recognized standards of excellence-in the quality of our services, as well as the quality of our management.